Cost Control

Amicus has extensive experience of successfully delivering projects within strict financial parameters. Our team manages costs by introducing appropriate measures and processes at the start of each project, ensuring a transparent understanding of the key issues driving value. In addition, our collaborative approach establishes strong relationships throughout projects and ensures buy-in from project teams.

Our Cost Control services include:


We understand what makes projects of this nature a success. This understanding is reinforced with wide experience of balancing essential cost management knowledge with effective strategic project management skills, essential for the delivery of any complex project.


Amicus has an experienced team with a track record of strong financial control throughout any project. This is a result of establishing strong relationships with the project team to provide focused and accurate delivery.

Risk Identification

We will identify risks and seek mitigation measures to protect your interest.


The successful cost management of a project combines a number of factors such as selecting the optimum procurement strategy and cost appraisals. Amicus has experience in all types of industry procurement, across many sectors and can help our clients balance the sometimes-conflicting requirements of risk, certainty, speed, design, quality, budgets and benefits.


We utilise our expertise and in-house benchmarking data to accurately predict project costs with transparent reporting structures. We take into account whole life costing, statutory obligations and an indication of any potential tax advantages that may be possible.

Specialist Knowledge

With our specialist knowledge in various markets and sectors, Amicus will drive the financial aspect of any project in line with your budget and objectives.

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